How to be more efficient with outsourcing


The pandemic changed our work habits: remote work is the new normal, including in the generations that didn’t feel comfortable with the idea of home office before this.

Technological changes, globalization and the internationalization of businesses open the door to do business with another country. This makes us more efficient in many ways, such as reducing costs because of low workforce wages.

With these changes in the ways that we do business, outsourcing gains a lot of relevance. Outsourcing gives companies the chance to focus on their core business, and outsource the processes that a consulting firm can do better. This gives companies the flexibility to increase or decrease the team more quickly than if they have the team inside. The normal processes that the companies outsource include payments, collections, procurement, HR, IT, Marketing, etc. 

Another typical question of our clients is about the information, and how they participate in the process. We know that all the outsource processes are different, depending on the company, the software that they use, the actual resources, etc. However, although we manage the information, the ownership remains in the company. In addition to this, when these processes are designed, sometimes the companies want to retain the managers or supervisors of the team, and outsource the operation, so in that case we make a team with the client: our supervisor works together with the manager of the company. 

The most important thing in these cases is to define together the KPIs that we are going to use to control the operation of the process. Then, we use a BI program to show the KPIs, with which we manage the operation and give access to the client. 

Argentina offers an opportunity for international companies when they are thinking of outsourcing a process, due to the fact that we have fewer labor costs and accomplished professionals with a good English level.

Luis Salerno, Director de BPO de Auren Argentina