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Managing in times of change


When you talk about “management” it is defined as a guide of the organizational efforts, which seeks to improve the relationship between the organization and its environment. The main goal is to resolve the differences that we normally identify between an external situation and the ability to adapt to it. Thus, to change that external situation for the sake of gradual and continuous growth.

It must be emphasized that this is made according to the company’s strategy and its characteristics. Therefore, it is clear that there is not a unique type of “management”, in fact, there are several, as a result of how each one adapts to its own context.

However, you can identify some of the functions that are generated from the relationship established by the management with the company, the environment it faces and most importantly, its objectives.

One of the most important functions is to manage the company itself, and we can summarize as the actions taken by the administration to guide the company “somewhere”, to achieve what every administrator has as a primary focus: make the company progress. This progress is not only from the financial point of view, but it also seems in a general way and it has an especially focus on the growth of all the collaborators that are part of it. One of the most important aspects is that these actions are directly related to the strategy and objectives of the company. In other words, it is how to get to a harbor and how actions become the route drawn.

The organization is another function that complement the previous one well. It is necessary that these actions that we mentioned before, follow a logical order and don´t be a result of rain ideas that not Accord in a perfect way with the company strategy and objectives. We may think that it is not a simple task, but have the full security that we have the necessary tools to generate that order we are talking about, such as: empathic communication, the ability to delegate and assign responsibilities, in addition to the division of task.

Mario L Huertas, partner at Auren Colombia