Tourism contribution towards economic growth


Tourism is one of the most important and fastest growing sectors in the world, it represents a significant opportunity for the economic development of countries and territories, it attracts foreign investment, it generates employment, it develops new productive initiatives and the inclusion of communities and It entails an important responsibility for governments, authorities and economic actors who must ensure that the growth of the sector is sustainable and that it contributes positively to environmental and local well-being and to the conservation of the natural capital on which it is based.

At the global level, a greater sense of solidarity has been evidenced, demonstrating a greater environmental awareness; this sustainable tourism policy contributes to the mitigation, correction and compensation of external negative factors, it is necessary to address tourism with a comprehensive view that brings together the public and private sectors to achieve organic development, although the figures are below the levels pre-pandemic; With new market rules, profits are expected for future terms, we must have the ability to understand the changes and build the capacity to react to the new demand.

Duverney Riveros – Socio BPO from Auren Colombia