Service contract with Petróleos Mexicanos (PEMEX)


On 19 December 2022, Auren through the Bajío office, located in the city of León Guanajuato, signed a contract to provide services consisting of auditing books and records to verify compliance with anti-corruption laws and obligations for various Production Assets of Pemex Exploration and Production, in accordance with the scopes set out in the contract and its annexes.

Although Auren’s Bajío office has been performing work for the Federal Government since 2021, including the specialised credit audit for the Fideicomiso de Fomento Minero and the Transfer Pricing Study for the Salt Export, the contract with PEMEX is of particular importance due to the key position that PEMEX occupies within the national economy, but above all because of the specialised nature of the work in the review of some of PEMEX’s Assets.

It is important to note that PEMEX Exploration and Production is the subsidiary in charge of the exploration and extraction of oil and solid, liquid, or gaseous hydrocarbons in the national territory, in the exclusive waters of the country and abroad.

Beto Torres from Auren Mexico