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To keep up with the rapidly changing environment requires flexibility. Fast reaction in the market can change the whole picture. Importing technology from Israel to Germany might impact the rules in which your company is competing at.

The Start-up Nation” As A Source of Knowledge

Israel owned this title for a reason, with more start-ups per capita than anywhere else, second only to Silicon Valley. A nation of entrepreneurs, with an extraordinary combination of ambition, creativity, innovative thinking, and technology-oriented adaptive instincts, which distinguishes Israel in the field of innovation and technology. That is why Israel is a natural choice while considering importing technology. A global leader in the fields of technology, life science, and the cybersecurity industry. Including hubs of new technologies and hundreds of Hi-Tech startups, established every year. 

Israel is one of the top countries in the cybersecurity industry, with advanced technologies, creative solutions, and outstanding knowledge in the military tech field. Therefore, there is no wonder that most of the top technology multi-international corporations are holding their R&D and innovation centers in Israel.Companies such as Google, Apple, Intel, Telekom, Daimler, Siemens, Bosch, etc.

As a derivative of GDP, Israel is first in the world in R&D investment.

Efficiency and Advantages of Importing Technology

Israel is only 4 hours flight away from Germany, a short distance. Instead of investing valuable and time-consuming resources in developing the required technology, all you need to do is locate, import, and implement it into your organization. From the initial identification of the knowledge and throughout the process of successful negotiation, to the adaptation of the activity and the innovation in Germany, Auren Germany-Israel desk experts are by your side. 

 Additionally, there are also dozens of government and other programs that provide support for all kinds of joint developments between the two countries. From tax benefits to investment grants, and government & municipal assistance.

Cooperation and Innovation

Our services are innovative and made to enable business owners to develop and manage innovation. Our extensive network of contacts and familiarity with the Israeli market enables us to identify and locate the partners and models of cooperation- To locate the right company or institution.

We are here to provide you with the best solutions, to accommodate your business needs in the matters of innovation, presentations, negotiation, communication, knowledge transfer, and access to data.

Tech Industries in Israel

Some of the top tech industries in Israel:

  • Cyber Security: Homeland Security Technology, Military Tech, Network, Web & App Security, Mobile Security, Anti-fraud, Data Protection, Automotive Security Systems.   
  • Life Science: Nanotechnology, Biotechnology, Agri-Tech, Biochemistry, Bio-Tech, Pharmaceutical, Food-Tech, Agricultural Medicine, Medical Device, Health Care Technology.
  • Aerospace: Avionics Tech, Air-to-Ground Tech, MRO Software, Communication Satellites.
  • Energy: Clean-Tech, Greenhouse Tech, Solar Power, Natural Gas, Renewable Energy.
  • Creative Industries: Media Technology, Ad-Tech, E-Publishing.
  • Retail: E-Commerce, Dropshipping, Smart Supply Chain, Fash-tech, In-Store Operation, Big Data Analysis.
  • Tourism Technology: Travel Tech, Hotels Tech, Flights Tech.
  • Mobility: Smart Transportation, Smart Cities, Autonomous Transport.

Our Customized Solutions    

Our Germany-Israel desk professional team offers you to benefit from our knowledge and connection, alongside the ability to customize solutions to meet your business needs. We believe technology and innovation to be the engine of most companies in achieving success and growth.

The ability to access some of the leading Israeli entrepreneurs, scientists, senior government officials, universities, laboratories, and innovative institutions, development incubators, technology hubs, etc.,  is a primary benefit we offer to our clients to attain new business opportunities.    

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