A technological, virtual and digital world brings with it new challenges requiring new or remodeled business plans.

Technology, especially the internet, has revolutionized the communication and media industries. As a result, the way we use using communication and media channels has changed dramatically over the past decade or so.

Similarly, the innovation of streaming has changed the way we experience and consume television entertainment.

Two Sub-Categories:

Production and Post-Production: Artistic production of any kind, which is made for the media, TV or internet or any other advanced media channels, such as on-demand, streaming, application, etc.

Telecommunication: Communication via advanced technological instruments, using satellites, the internet, and other channels.

Whether you are a movie producer, a content writer or an artist in this new environment, we can customize business solutions that suit your business.

We understand the complexity of the intellectual property and other issues arising from the new advanced technologies.

Because it is an entrepreneurial community, Israel is a great destination for finding and developing new technologies in all fields, including the communication and media sectors. We provide a broad range of consulting services to foreign companies that are either active or starting their activity in Israel.

Regardless of the size of your company, you need to adapt your business to the present and prepare it for the future. Our team’s expertise ensures a speedy solution.