Resilience Test – Ethical Hacking & Cyber Simulation

A resilience test (for the most part also called a penetration test) is one of the methods for preventing penetration and intrusion into the organization’s computer network and/or the organization’s systems and websites and to actually execute this initiatively. This is the correct and safest method for inspecting the protections of the computer network the data systems and, thus, finding weak points and repairing them.

At Auren, we propose executing ethical and organized penetration into the organization’s computer network and data systems for you, to execute simulation of a cyber event in order to trace problems, intrusions and weak points and provide you with a proposal for a suitable solution to them.

We have the capability of examining a broad range of technologies:


  • Web Application
  • Mobile Application
  • Desktop Application
  • Cloud Application


  • An external test of penetration to the organization’s assets, which are found on the Internet web.
  • An internal penetration test for the organization’s entire network.
  • A penetration test for cloud infrastructures.


  • A penetration test for the IoT, OT, IoMT components.
  • A penetration test for the wireless components.

The product of each penetration test is a detailed report in which all the actions that were executed, commencing with the initial research stage through all the methods we used when attempting to penetrate into the systems and in which we succeeded, ending with the information that we found in relation to the weakness of the system, security bugs, weak points etc. and, of course we will offer improvement and updating options for the various systems.