IT system audits

The organization’s data is one of the key assets that enable success in today’s fast-paced and dynamic world.

If your data is compromised, untrustworthy, or stolen, then your entire organizational success is in danger and may go down.

Data systems are one of the most vital resources in your organization.

Threats to data and on data systems are many and varied, thus their protection and security are crucial.

Data systems managers face the challenge daily, while at the same time they must meet varied regulatory requirements, which are updated and changed frequently.

The team of Auren’s control and technology experts in Israel and around the world holds knowledge and experience in the areas of audit and consulting, combined with expertise in data systems.

The sophistication of frequently changing data systems requires the use of advanced methods to audit, according to the accepted standards, which include, among other things, data analysis tools, simulations, exception detection and more.

The main value of the Aurens data Systems audit experts will be expressed in two main areas:

Strategic: Assisting in building and updating the organizational strategy for data system operations, while maintaining and securing the data; from physical systems to cyber defenses. Classification of data systems and needs during the establishment or modification of the systems.

Ongoing monitoring: The purpose of monitoring and analysis of data systems is to examine the propriety of the accounting system’s internal controls, the finance, and the operational data systems.