Preparation of annual financial statements

Financial reports can improve your quality of life, help attract investors, connect with partners and promote intra-organizational collaboration.

Financial reports as a presentation to stakeholders and business partners, from investors, partners, clients and including the staff of the organization:

Financial information can and should be presented in different ways from traditional ways (on printed and signed paper).

Auren Israel’s accounting team will adjust the way financial information is presented as well as the additional information according to the needs of the organization. From presenting the reports in the traditional way to presenting information in digital media, presentations, videos, interactively, as well as other creative diverse ways of presenting it.

The information presented can assist in recruiting investors, collaborating with staff in organizational processes, recruiting business partners, and harnessing human capital for the organization and its purposes.

Financial reports as information for decision making and data analysis:

Smart formation of the financial statements and the accounting system, in coordination with the company’s CFO and owners, will enable the periodic and annual financial statements to be used as a management tool for making more rational and smart decisions.

A joint periodic analysis with our team of experts will enable the decision-makers in the organization to view the data in a new and professional light and to use it as a tool, which contains a great deal of information about the activity that was done in the previous period, along with understanding the decisive impact on the future of the activity and business success.

Financial reports for the annual audit of shareholders and stakeholders:

In Israel, there is a legal requirement that all accounting reports of companies and organizations be audited. This requirement obligates Auren’s auditors and accounting staff to comply with local regulatory requirements.

Auren International deployment serves as an advantage, which enables our team of experts to make adjustments and to present the financial statements also in accordance with a variety of regulatory requirements of each international or multinational company alongside the local requirements.

The financial statements are made correspondingly to the disclosures of the CPA, the Israeli Accounting Standards Board, International Financial Reporting Rules (IFRS), the Securities Law, the Companies Law and more.