IT consulting

The department experts define outlines for an Agile Organization Planning, management, and implementation of business, organizational and technological changes, clearly defining needs and business requirements, designing better working processes and smartly adopting innovation and technology

The department offers Enterprise Leaders a Roadmap for Developing, completing or refreshing execution, management, and evaluation of cross-enterprise business-organizational-technological changes.

Implementing Development and Maintenance Methods for Information Systems and Infrastructures

Improvement of development and maintenance processes of systems and infrastructures with methods that are proven and accepted in the IT world.

Forming Business Architecture / Supporting Cross-Organizational Projects

Assisting building business architect to formulate principles and plan a technological end-to-end solution for organizational needs according to business requirements.

Implementing Best Practices, Standards, and Quality

Outlining implementation of best practices processes such as agile development and managing software changes supported by computerized tools

Outlining implementation processes or standards improvements like ISO9001

Joining corporate committees and panels to monitor and ensure the managerial quality of these meetings and report to the IT managements about the progress and challenges for future meetings.

Implementing Business Analysis and Performance Monitoring Methods

Implementation of business and technology forecasting while ensuring that relevant information is derived properly and is accessible to management and board of directors

Managing Business Requirements / Supporting Cross-Organizational Projects

Implementation of a method for managing and characterizing quality business requirements and handing them over to IT.

As part of the support for cross-organizational projects (e.g. Digital Transformation project) implementation of a process that improves the understanding of the business value to the enterprise (beyond the technological value).

Leading the Transition to Enterprise Agility

performing feasibility studies (emphasizing on examining the value to the organization’s customer), building outlines for transitioning the enterprise to ‘being agile’ and implement its principles in the management and work teams and  application and implementation processes as needed

Motivating the Enterprise to Map and Model Improved Business Processes (BPM – Business Process Management)

Defining organization’s ‘identity’ and principal tasks, mapping, modeling, establishing, implementing and monitoring of improved business processes