Representation before the tax authorities

Our clients are a large and cohesive family and as such, we work to ensure that you receive full support vis-à-vis the tax authorities in Israel and worldwide. The mission of Auren’s professional team is to provide you with complete peace of mind and confidence that you are fully and professionally represented before the tax authorities. This will allow you to focus on your business growth. We believe that clients don’t have to deal with tax authorities. Therefore any kind of interaction with the tax authorities, from minor to crucial will be fully and thoroughly handled. We are taking the full responsibility to deal and to communicate with the tax authorities; from joint correspondence, inquiries from tax authorities to audit hearings.

Reports to the tax authorities in Israel and worldwide:

Our international team will handle the necessary adjustments to report in each country where your organization operates and assist in complying with applicable law requirements.

Tax counseling:

Tax counseling begins by building a strategy of optimization of the tax structure for your business and your personal capital; through ongoing consulting for any tax or issue that arises in the ordinary course of business and up to planning an updated annual plan before preparing the annual reports in Israel and worldwide.

Auren’s tax experts will provide a local response for each country as well as a broad view of both private and business international activities.

Voluntary Disclosure:

Disclosure of unreported assets and incomes in Israel and around the world allows you to sleep peacefully at night. The disclosure procedure has become widespread in recent years in Israel and around the world, as a result of the international transparency and information transmitted today regarding the assets and incomes of the majority of the public among tax authorities worldwide and in Israel.

Disclosure can be done in several ways, in Israel and abroad. The international layout of Auren’s experts enables to find a personal, optimal solution for reporting and discovery, utilizing a creative range of solutions. We handle dozens of cases of disclosure every year.

Due to the sensitivity of the subject, we do recommend to set a personal consultation meeting in our office to find out the best process for you.

Tax Benefits and Laws of Encouragement:

Israeli organizations, as well as foreign companies wishing to operate in Israel, can enjoy significant tax benefits offered by the State of Israel.

Auren’s experts will identify the best route for you based on the organization’s goals and business plan.

Israeli organizations operating abroad can also benefit from various tax and state benefits abroad. There are tax benefits programs for exporters provided by the state of Israel, and also other country’s tax benefits programs available. Our international team of experts will handle your case to find the grant program that suits your business. 

The Angels Law for investors:

The “Angels Law” is an alias given to a law section designed to promote knowledge-intensive industries in Israel, through the creation of a tax incentive to encourage the investment of individuals (angels) in start-ups, investments that will help make them stable and well-established companies.

The incentive is given by allowing individuals to invest in shares of Research and Development (R&D), intensive companies as a recognized expense. This law allows the investor to save his first year of the investment taxes, as well as in the years to come.

Auren Israel’s tax experts will assist the company in meeting the requirements and with the reports required to enable investors to receive the tax benefit. We will also assist the investors themselves to implement the right and receiving the benefit.