SSDLC Training & Code Review

Auren offers its services for the purposes of consultation, guidance and afterwards reviewing and examining a secured code for software companies or companies in which there are development teams that write a code. This is a process that, already at the products development stage, integrates the subject of data security in order to obtain products or applications with a security Standard pursuant to convention in that industry.

In order to develop a software product, a number of stages must be completed – Research and data collection regarding the problem or need that must be solved via the product, designing the product so that it responds to the needs and finally writing the software and examining it. An examination of the program includes an examination of the function that the software is supposed to fulfill and an examination of its security so that it will be impossible to intrude into it for the purposes of changing data or taking control over the database that it contains.

Companies or organizations that deal in code development, applications or software that will be used by the general public, must comply with data security standards. This is a dynamic field that changes and develops all the time and the mandatory adjustments for the company’s products to meet the standards must be executed.  Auren proposes instructing, directing and training the organization’s development personnel by creating secured software that meets the standards and security rules for code writing and, furthermore, also to review and inspect existing codes or codes under development in order to test whether they indeed comply with the standards. A company or organization that does not meet the standards is likely to be exposed to intrusions and, in certain cases, to claims on the part of customers in the event of an intrusion into the databank.