Real estate law

Auren International will assist you in matters relating to the details of the law on commercial rental space. Through a variety of contractual frameworks in the event of a purchase and methods of financing the latter.
Commercial property is the hub of business life. The attachment to it tends to be correspondingly long, so appropriate legal frameworks are all the more important.
In the process, we will also consider the global tax and legal aspects arising from adjacent areas. If buying a property, for example, it may make sense to do this through a specially created company to protect your actual undertaking from any unwanted consequences arising from the property purchase.
We will also be delighted to assist you with any other matters relating to commercial real estate.
Our services:
• Law on commercial rental space
• Land purchase agreements
• Property Leasing
• Legal questions relating to commercial real estate
• Advice on questions relating to internal restructuring with business assets including land
Auren International team is here to help you protect your property, and to protect your business commercial property. If you are not feeling safe most of the time there is a good reason for that, don’t just leave it unsolved, solve it.