Technologies Taxation

The technological world is changing rapidly; these changes require flexibility and finding new solutions to the complex challenges and tax issues that arise.

Auren’s tax experts in Israel have developed new and advanced methods that allow synchronization between the tax world and the technological world to provide innovative tax solutions that meet the legal requirements and are customized to the business and organizational needs.


The high-tech world is impacted and needs a quick response to the changes and transformations that apply, reactivity is a powerful tool.

Our taxation solutions help both the company and shareholders at the corporate level; Starting from the stock structure to raising capital, investments, mergers, and dividends.

The essence of the high-tech industry contains many technological services and products that require taxation solutions both structured and integral. From domestic and international apps that have financial implications that raise taxation issues such as payments, withholding, tax liability to the buyer, seller, user and more, through local and international VAT issues to labor law.


E-commerce taxation is around us in all areas of activity, from products to services, as well as from personal and private commerce to industrial commerce.

The rich experience of Auren Israel’s tax experts will suit every trading platform and any business that includes in E-commerce operations a suitable and unique solution.

E-commerce in its essence combines both local and international taxation issues, which is an advantage for our customers.

Auren’s international team will work to find the best international solution, as well as represent and implement it with the tax authorities in Israel and around the world.

Virtual currencies\ digital currencies:

Issuing a new currency or trading in existing cryptographic currencies creates plenty and intricate tax regulations that are handled in each country differently according to the local tax laws in that country.

Auren’s expert team will provide the appropriate solution to the local reporting in Israel and abroad for the unique credits and deductions for the cryptocurrency trade.


The blockchain sector is not just reserved for cryptographic currencies, it’s widely used in the trading and the operating mechanisms developing and surrounding us in the emerging markets of the recent years.

From finance, insurance to logistics, and technology. In each of these industries, which the blockchain has entered, there are new taxation issues and reporting issues arise. Auren’s taxation experts have the proficient specific knowledge and ability to provide a variety of customed taxation solutions for advanced technology usage.


Drop-shipping trade characterized by its structure of trade, which includes in most cases three countries: the country in which the director of commerce is located, the manufacturing country, and the country in which the products are being sold.

To meet the legal requirements in all the countries involved in the process, preliminary planning is required, afterward, the reports and tax payments will be fulfilled and completed according to the most efficient and cost-effective taxation strategy set by Auren’s international expert team to execute it for you.