Corporate & Finance

We provide personalised financial advice on mergers and acquisitions and financial transactions.

Auren Israel’s consulting services are developed and designed to meet most of the requirements and needs of the organization during the phases of its business lifecycle. Auren’s Corporate & Finance department strives to address the changing needs of the organization, whether it is ongoing or urgent needs.

The department consists of experts with knowledge and experience in a wide range of areas of expertise. Therefore, the business-financial solutions provided by the expert team provides a multidisciplinary response and consultation on the one hand and deep on the other.

The combination of the vast knowledge and experience gained in the broad spectrum of expertise allows us to use both our understanding and professionalism, which enables the consultants in the department to provide integrated counseling and best practices that the organization needs to consider. As a result, our clients enjoy the advantages and the added value we have to offer.

Every organization required to be attentive, and be acquainted with the know-how of its fields of activity in which it operates. Adequate support is a powerful tool whose purpose is to differentiate and optimize organizational vision, by inner proper organizational conduct, and through the outside to outstand in your business environment and over your competitors in the field.