Change of corporation form / restructuring

Allow your business to grow, require sometimes to shift and adjust the structure and the rules to transform, renew, and restructure. You need to be able to react to the changes in your industry and be more flexible.

Those kinds of changes require business and companies’ owners to think about subjects such as succession planning, rules on liability, synergy effects, tax planning opportunities, acquisition of a company or a sale of a business, mergers and in some other situations splits.

Whatever the need is. It does require some kind of legal advisor: collective or individual employment law, company law, taxation law and\or register law.

Competent interdisciplinary advice is therefore essential. A team of auditors and tax consultants headed up by experienced international lawyers will supervise your undertaking from the very beginning to the end of the process.

Our services:

  • Selection of legal form
  • Development of concepts for a change of corporate form/restructuring
  • Evaluation of alternative operations
  • Drafting of affiliation agreements and shareholder resolutions

Auren international team is here to advise you through and after the decision, so you will know that the process is going as smooth as possible.