Human Capital (HC) Development and Organizational Learning

Human Capital and Organizational Learning are both meaningful and critical tools in today’s dynamic business environment.

Our professional consultants’ team is a leading top-notch in the fields of Organizational Learning and Managing Human Capital in Israel. We believe in open conduct that follows the latest developments in the field; at the same time, we challenge the limits, to lead the professional field.

We are following the approach of “people are the organization.” Auren’s team specializes in building and maintaining personal management skills. The recognition of these skills, the importance and the effect it has on business success, has expanded tremendously lately in Israel and worldwide.

Auren provides a full response to all the various fields. Specializes in managing and transporting Organizational Learning processes into a systematic way to develop the organization’s Human Capital.

Auren experts have extensive experience in leading training processes, mentoring, guidance, and development learning processes in various scale of organizations. Alongside the professional comprehensive knowledge of the field, we also have experience in international training of executives from around the world.

Our services include the following:

• Organizational training, learning, and development: Planning, managing and guiding organizational training, learning and development programs aimed at advancing the organization’s business objectives.

• Leading organizational transformation processes: Designing, directing and leading organizational cross-organizational transformation processes.

• Leading organizational data system implementation (ERP, CRM, LMS) processes: In collaboration with other experts from our consulting department, which are specialized in the Operations Management Excellence.

• Managing outsourced Human Resources (HR).

• Building and implementation of A Learning Organization by Peter Sanji’s model, “the fifth Discipline”, which designed for business organizations.