Cyber & Technologies

Technology and innovation solutions are powerful tools for your business improvement.

Auren Israel’s Cyber and Technologies Department provides powerful services for improving and maintaining your business’ functional cyber protection status.

Currently, the technology is developing rapidly and is attempting to improve almost every field of life; protection challenges and new threats to which we are exposed, such as phishing and ransomware etc. have arisen.

These cyber risks expose an organization to complex legal issues and prejudice reputations etc.

Our services that provide you with optimum protection:

  • Ethical Hacking & Cyber Simulation
  • Secure Architecture Design Consultancy
  • What Auren Cyber and Technologies does to provide you protection:
  • Risk Assessment & Gap Analysis
  • SSDLC Training & Code Review
  • Security Awareness Training & Phishing Campaigns
  • GRC & Privacy Compliance (ISO,GDPR,NIST etc.)
  • Security Research
  • CISO as a Service