Operational Technology Audit (OP)

Apps surround us, which means we are exposed to a higher amount of risks we didn’t think of; Such as financial risks, information risks, and regulatory risks.

Auren ‘s expert team has extensive experience in mentoring application development, computer systems, as well as providing consulting services from the development stages to accompanying the various operational stages.

Audit of operating technologies is divided into two main sectors of activity and according to the value that the audit provides:

Audit of operating systems: Audit of computerized technology operating systems in factories: production lines and industrial companies. The purpose of an operational audit is to help enterprises and organizations be more effective; from helping production lines and data security to prevent downtime, errors, internal or external damage and thereby improve business results in production.

App’s audit: An audit process is for both running and in-development apps. The purpose of the audit is to reduce risks, exposures, and damage to data of users and the organization.

Compliance with a variety of legal requirements, such as tax authorities, capital market requirements, banking requirements, and money laundering. In addition to helping to adapt apps to users around the world and international legal requirements that vary from country to country, with the help of Auren International’s expert team worldwide.