Taxation solutions

Creative and unique solutions for complex taxation issues that are most suitable for your needs.

The world is evolving and changing at a rapid pace, which means that adjustments and changes must also be made in the legislative systems, including the taxation system on the local level in Israel and globally. The rapid pace of change is forcing organizations to develop innovative and creative solutions at a faster rate compared to the development rate in the past.

Our teams of experts at Auren believe in comprehensive and multidisciplinary solutions. Therefore our teams’ efforts focus on providing a variety of complex and integrated tax solutions. Our multidisciplinary business-industrial knowledge enables us, through innovative insights and philosophy, to help your organization excel worldwide.

We are here for you, and we believe that our values are a key factor in our ability to provide our customers with the highest possible added value. We believe in direct communication between our clients to the partners and senior staff, alongside caring, availability, innovation and professional expertise. This differentiation in approach is key to achieving our clients’ goals.

The tax solutions required today for each organization are at two essential levels:

Strategic tax planning: Global and flexible planning, which supports and based on the business plan, goals and objectives. This planning requires constant periodic updating.

Constant support and attention: A treatment that is fast, up-to-date and innovative, which is regularly and is constantly integrated into the company’s ongoing activities and processes.

Among the many solutions, we provide:

Develop a global and flexible tax strategy: A strategy that aligns with the client’s business model and enables future restructuring.

Choosing the structure of the corporation: Examining structural alternatives and assisting in adjustments; choose the optimal corporate structure based on the nature of the organization’s operation and business activities in Israel and abroad.

Fiscal Representation in Israel: Full and broad fiscal representation vis-à-vis tax authorities, state institutions and other authorities in Israel and around everywhere in the world.

Financing of international business activities and investments: Effective counseling, guidance and tax planning.

Corporate structure change and restructuring: Change of corporate structure, restructuring model, and adaptation to international acquisitions.

Overseas income taxation: Non-Israeli sources of income require effective and considerate care to channel them to Israel in the most effective manner.

Issues requiring Double taxation treaties knowledge: The impact of the treaty on tax multiplication and overseas tax benefits includes the implications of the BEPS, OECD, and MLI, as well as multilateral treaties for sharing and exchanging information.

Preparation of tax report for international business entities: Tax reports are diverse as needed for companies, partnerships, and individuals in Israel and in any country where our clients operate internationally.