VAT (Value Added Tax)

The VAT in Israel is a local law applicable to business activity in Israel.

In order to obtain the minimum VAT liability legally; there are many aspects that have to be taken into consideration.

The issues that arise regarding VAT in Israel are sometimes unequivocal; some other times can be interpreted as being beneficial to the taxpayer if you have the required proficiency in VAT and the ability to think out of the box.

Frequently asked questions about VAT in Israel:

What is considered as a VAT taxable transaction?

Are there any exemptions? What is the payment date of the VAT taxation?

What are the expenses associated with the transaction?

What is the VAT rate?

The VAT in Israel has a significant portion of the business’s cash-flow, and therefore it has a major influence and power to change a positive cash-flow into negative.

It is important to take into consideration during the early stages of the business-financial planning phase the VAT’s topic, and to give it the proper attention; the VAT payments have a huge impact on the financial future of the business.

Auren’s taxation experts who specialized in VAT’s topic, can help you with these matters, find and provide suitable solutions and write expert reviews on matters related to this field such as:

The VAT in foreign companies’ activities in Israel:

Foreign companies who operate in Israel are required to register in Israel and to appoint a fiscal representative for VAT purposes.

Auren Israel provides this service of appointing a fiscal representative for foreign companies who are interested in having business activities in Israel. The fiscal representative has a personal liability to handle all the tax liability of the foreign company in Israel.

You can read more about this topic on the page of fiscal representation in Israel .

The VAT in International Trade:

Auren’s international tax experts in Israel and around the world will help your organization in finding the optimal taxation solutions in international trade. From matters of export-import from and\or to Israel, as well as customer import taxation, and other international issues regarding international trade between countries regardless of Israel.

The provision of services, rental, and sale of properties on the international level produces innumerable international issues between the VAT authorities between the countries.

Auren ‘s VAT experts know how to create a multinational solution that can be applied to each taxing authority individually with an overall view of the business essence.

The VAT in the virtual and e-commerce world:

Auren’s tax experts adopt and apply within their tax planning the regulations of the OECD’s taxation decisions and interpretation on “addressing the digital economy’s tax challenges” as defined by the BEPS.

Auren’s taxation solutions to the challenges of the digital economy are adapted to the rapidly changing and up-to-date types of activities; correspondingly to global technological and business developments.

As well as:

• International trade VAT – equipment and assets rental

• International Trade VAT – Service Providers

• Pre-ruling VAT

• VAT on received compensation

• VAT tax-exempt and “Zero VAT”

• VAT on real estate sales and real estate “combinations”