RISK Assessment & Gap Analysis

Auren Israel proposes performing a risk assessment of an organization’s sensitive data. The risk assessment would be executed in three stages – an estimate of the cyber risks, producing a gap analysis report and recommendations for improvements and protection.

During the first stage, Auren’s staff will examine the computerized systems, the online network, the servers and all the other endpoints on the company’s computerized network. Information such as, who has access to the data and whether all the information is given to all employees or perhaps graded into levels, at what complexity level are the system’s passwords determined, how are they saved and in what frequency are they changed, which are the methods given to the company’s employees regarding coping with phishing or penetration attempts into the system and how frequently are they executed, pursuant to which standards of privacy protection are the data in the databank protected etc.

Pursuant to the examination results, the replies and the information from the survey of the business, during the second stage, a detailed gap report will be produced. The findings and all the existing weak and vulnerable points in the network will be specified in the report. In addition, the risks that could occur at these weak points and to be aware of and prevent will also be detailed.

During the final stage, Auren’s staff will propose recommendations for improvement, changing and honing procedures pursuant to the risks and the penetration level found and pursuant to any requirements of the law suitable for safeguarding the security of the information that concerns the organization.

The risk assessment process is likely to take a number days to a number of weeks, pursuant to the size of the company, the depth of the examination, the quantity of risks and intrusions found etc. This process does not require advance preparation, informing employees or executing any other action apart from inviting professionals.