Audit of financial statements

Auditing Annual Financial Statements: A legal duty or business advantage?

The annual audit of the financial statements is a legal obligation in Israel (regardless of the size or the kind of business activity).

This audit can do much more than meet statutory obligations.

If there is a legal or contractual requirement to conduct an annual audit and to provide a “supervisor’s evaluation” we pledge to do so.

However, it is our views and vision of the audit processes, which are the added value we provide our clients. Auditing itself is not a goal; it is a part of the toolbox we offer to improve the business and organizational results of our clients.

The solutions and recommendations we offer are in fact based on the information revealed during the audit. It’s also information that presents the analysis of the business conduct in the organization’s past.

The annual audit is performed correspondingly to the Israeli regulations, alongside with the required adjustments to meet with Auren’s unique audit perception. A program that complies with IFAC’s stringent requirements and “International Standards on Auditing (ISA)”. Auren, as part of its IFAC Firm Forum (FOF) affiliation, is subject to stringent professional quality assurance standards.

Auren Israel’s audit teams have more than 35 years of professional experience. Our audit team is based on the continuity of a veteran team that is familiar with the activities and audits along with a renewed team that brings a fresh and objective perspective. In this way, we ensure effective auditing (e.g. by reducing the amount of time required for auditing), which is reflected in reducing costs. Auren’s business mindset and values allow our audit managers to provide our clients with the best safety net for their businesses. 

Our services at a glance:

• Statutory audit of annual financial statements and consolidated financial statements

• Voluntary audit of financial statements and consolidated financial statements

• Audit financial reports correspondingly with International Accounting Standards

• Auditing nonprofits associations and Public-benefit corporation

• Review of quarterly financial reports and statements