Excellence of Operations Management and Supply Chain

Do the operations system support your clients and the organization’s strategy at once, are you leveraging all the virtues of your supply chain for the benefit of your clients and business goals? Is your organization distinct in its Operations Management and Supply Chain?

Auren Israel will direct you towards thestrategy that will bring your clients to prefer and choose your organization over and over again. We will do so by following the wishes of your clients, improving your organization’s operational and business processes.

Auren aims to bring the operations system and supply chain into operational management excellence. In a way that will maximize the capabilities of the organization and its environment, to promote and support the organization’s clients and business strategy.

Our expert team understands that the world belongs to the clients. Therefore shapes the operational strategy accordingly. Each organization has special requirements and business strategy to comply.

We will weave the operational strategy into the business strategy and embrace all the benefits and capabilities of the organization.

Operational excellence, as a way of life and organizational culture; will raise the level of service step by step. We believe that the client is entitled to receive what he ordered, in the time, quantity, quality, and price; as promised.

Our consultants are here to help you to keep this promise.

Auren takes active actions in the organizations, to achieve much more and better by utilizing and integrating people, processes, and assets.

We are not only advising – We are here make sure it happens.

Our aspects of expertise include:

• Coordination processes and practices in the operations of the supply chain with the organization’s business strategy.

• Operations and Manufacturing processes.

• Acquisitions and Logistics processes.

• Planning and Scheduling of Production processes.

• Customer Service and Customer Experience processes.

• Leading improvement processes, efficiency processes, and developing cost-effective processes (Lean, TOC and more).

• Implementation of excellence as part of organizational culture in the operations and supply chain.

• Adjust the organizational structure with the organization’s business goals.

• Professional outsourced Operations Management services.

• Locating and recruiting suppliers or subcontractors.

• Production Project Management Outsourcing services: Locate a suitable manufacturing factory for production by a prototype model.

• Project management for the establishment of logistical and operational infrastructure in Israel and abroad.