Internal Audit

Internal Audit: The Protector of Your Organization in the Agile World
Compiling and analyzing information and transforming it into effective and high-quality knowledge of the organization’s processes, aiming to improve the decision-making process throughout the organization, while at the same time performing continuous monitoring of organizational activities and development.
In the world of innovation and technology, the audit has become critical for medium and large enterprises. Examining internal corporate risks, alongside external and environmental risks and threats, using innovative tools such as automation systems, artificial intelligence, and enterprise-optimized applications; allows us to present the organization with a complete overview of the risks and exposures.
The internal audit process begins with the risk survey. According to the analysis and the conclusions of the survey, Auren’s expert teams in Israel and around the world will customize the set of solutions for the organization’s needs.
The pace of change and rapid development of the world alongside the existence of agile organizations requires active risk assessment processes, such as those that systematically and regularly examine the organization in “live” mode. Our team of experts has created such a unique process, alongside with the ability to provide solutions to ever-changing risks.
Auren’s experts have developed a unique and effective approach, to guide the organization’s management towards finding adaptive solutions to reduce risks, and customize it to the organizational’s changes and its agile culture (“agile and flexible”), for companies and organizations who need the flexibility as part of their day-to-day activities.
Companies operating in the Agile Project Management model are usually capable of producing quick solutions and effective response both to market changes and\or to inner organizational changes. Auren’s expert team develops and evolves simultaneously with finding a customized response while analyzing risks and providing solutions to reduce exposures in a flexible and fast manner.
Auren offers an overview and analysis for international and local risks, through collaboration between Auren’s internal audit teams around the world. Using data analytics, data mining (Process Mining) and continuous international communication between our teams in Israel and around the world enables us to provide comprehensive responses and to prevent international exposures and risks even before they are created.
At the same time as the preparation of the internal audit, which is based only on past data; our expert’s team can also provide you with future predictions for your organization’s developments and risks potential.
The regulatory requirements in Israel and around the world also vary.
Our expert teams in each country provide the organization’s management and senior staff with protection and security while complying with the law through internal auditing. Knowing those internal auditors will help prevent mistakes and meet regulatory requirements already during the processes rather than retrospectively, gives our customers tremendous added value and allows them to focus on their main business.
We implement Robot Process Automation (RPA) processes using robotic (bots) systems that our experts integrate into the organization. These systems can provide statistical information, detect exceptions and errors in real-time, and allow internal auditors to avoid errors and to minimize the organizational risks.
In other words, this knowledge enables decision-makers and policymakers to maintain a structured decision-making process throughout all stages of the organization’s work; in fact, it enables the organization to preserve its level of efficiency and quality activity.