Marketing & sales

Is your organization’s marketing & sales strategy integrated and delivering added value for your clients’ business needs?

Auren Israel Consulting department, a leading consulting department that provides its clients with a unique added value.

The department’s extensive experience and knowledge in executing marketing & sales plans in Israel and around the world. The combination of sales knowledge with assessment and testing tools; enables our consultants to design the shortest and most accurate path that will produce profitable sales.

The plan will reveal the market trends and the required dynamic organizational environment needed for development processes to happened, alongside the aim to build and operate a strong and stable organization with continuous growth.

Auren delivers practical, functional and accurate results.

Auren helps its business clients to understand the market trends, what value chain is required for their clients. To develop their competitive advantage, which will lead to profitable and healthy growth.

Our services include:

• Market Research and Market Analysis

• Building a Marketing budget

• Corporate Identity and Corporate Perception

• Online and Digital Marketing Tools

• Direct Marketing

• Advertising in various communication media channels

• Brand Management and Control

• Managing and Building PR

• Sales Strategy

• Sales Training

• Set Destination and Forecast

• Strategic Sales

• Build, Operate, and Manage a Sales Lineup