Fraud Investigation & Dispute Services

Auren’s experts will provide you with the information you need to make a legal or business decision in cases of fraud, business disputes, embezzlement, and irregularities.

Organizations are exposed to fraud, embezzlement, and financial irregularities, both at the internal and external levels of the organization. International statistics show that an average company loses a significant percentage of its sales turnover due to irregularities and fraud.

Auren specializes in investigative auditing, combining accounting knowledge with specialized investigative techniques to identify, expose, and help to prevent fraud, embezzlement, and irregularities.

The international team of experts includes accountants, qualified internal auditors, qualified fraud investigators, lawyers, data systems experts, private investigators, and highly knowledgeable and experienced workers.

The international team of experts provides solutions to Israeli and multinational companies with the help of Auren’s global experts. The team is committed to full discretion and works in full cooperation with the client to achieve the best results.

Fraud Prevention Audit:

• Review the financial and operational processes in the organization

• Conduct FVS Fraud Vulnerability Study Exposure Research)

• Assist in implementing control and enforcement systems in the organization

Fraud Review

• Exposure and verification of suspicion (or denial)

• Submit expert opinion

Quantifying frauds

• Define the factual-financial-business and accounting basis for damage assessment

• The financial quantification of fraud damages based on audit findings

• Assistance in legal proceedings based on audit findings

• Assistance in insurance claims based on evaluation

Advice and investigative assistance to lawyers and courts

• Assistance and support in a variety of litigation aspects

• Expert opinion and expert testimony

• Assistance in resolving business and personal disputes

• Support for corporate recovery processes

• Arbitration, mediation, compromising

Due diligence before mergers and acquisitions

• Checking the reliability of the financial statements

• Asset and commitments verification

• Exposing business, legal, and financial risks

Money Laundering

• Assist in the prevention of money laundering offenses against the business system, regulation, and banks

• Assist in the identification, detection, and disruption of money laundering operations