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Business Collaboration: Innovation and Technology


Innovation and technology are the foundations of successful business relationships between Germany and Israel. The German government’s system of support in innovation, combined with the creative environment of Israeli innovation seems like a natural match to achieve great business collaboration.

German-Israel Business Collaboration

The basis of deep connections between the two business communities in Germany and Israel are the common interests in the professional area, alongside the great potential of business collaboration and mergers. The results are shown in the existing fruitful collaborations. The match between German skills and Israeli innovative knowledge of technology seems natural.

This collaboration facilitates companies to achieve a better and more significant leap forward in their business development.  

There are seeds of potential waiting for their time to bloom, which indicates that the potential is even greater; in the fields of technology, biotechnology, medicine, life sciences, tourism, and agriculture, etc.

The integration of knowledge saves resources, such as time,  R&D processes, and money. It brings out the best of both sides, provides them with an advantage over competitors in their fields.  

The Advantages

In the past few years, Auren’s Germany-Israel desk experts assisted and accompanied many Israeli companies and startups with extensive and unique knowledge, innovative technology, and productive research and development, connected them with medium-sized German companies engaged in similar fields By integrating and implementing the knowledge to reach shared business goals.

This way both companies benefit, whether by business collaboration or merger between the companies. The German companies save their resources on the development, shorten the time and money required to achieve the knowledge, and upgrade their status in the industry. From the Israeli side, the companies get an opportunity to reach out to broad and new markets. First into the German market, which serves as a gate to the EU market.  

Together for Your Success

Auren German-Israel desk team of experts will help you to find the right formulation that works for your business, to reach the business development stages, and to accomplish and complete a successful move.

Whether it is through collaborations, partnerships, royalty transactions (that have many tax advantages), or through mergers\acquisitions. The most common transactions between the parties are transactions of knowledge acquisition by German companies.

Our experts of the German-Israel desk offer you the benefit of an exclusive and useful key to a prosperous transaction between the German and Israeli executives based on the proximity to the business and social mentality.

Since we are familiar with both markets’ mentalities, believe in interpersonal interactions, and have a wide business angle, we know that with the right business accompaniment. We will be able, together with you, to attain success in a fast and more pleasant way; to reach your business goals, and to take care of your interests as our client.

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