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The German-Israel Desk specialized in providing unique business solutions for business entities interested or active in both markets.   

Your Business bridge to German-Israel success

Are you active or intending to become active in a cross-border way between Germany and Israel?

Planning to start a business activity?

Set up a branch, a subsidiary, or looking for a potential partner or maybe a technology purchase?

Auren German-Israel desk offers a wide variety of solutions for global businesses, enterprises, organizations, and start-ups. Whether your business is a traditional manufacturing factory, a cutting-edge High Tech business, or a different kind of organization on the spectrum in between.

To do business in both the Israeli and German markets with Auren as your partner.

360 degrees business cover for your business     

Our extensive professional experience and knowledge of both the German and Israeli markets, in combination with our multidisciplinary cooperation, are the best guarantees that we can offer you the highest level of service.

Auren is here to assist and support you in all the stages. From business connections, through successful negotiation processes and collaboration agreements, to your ongoing business activity. That by providing a variety of business solutions:

  • Business and Financial Consulting
  • Taxation Solutions and Representation
  • Legal Counseling and Representation
  • Accounting, Bookkeeping, E-Banking, and Auditing
  • Marketing & Sales Consulting
  • Organizational and Management Consulting

A wide range of services, which will provide you with 360 degrees, full coverage for your business needs and obligations according to local and international law. To minimize the risks, and maximize the profit of the new business activity overseas.

All the support you need under one roof

To enter a new market can be challenging. That is why it is so important to have the right support during the process. The comfort of the ability to have one place to direct all the questions to. The professional team of the German-Israel desk will provide you with the answers to these questions.

The ability to provide you with multilinguistic support comes as a great advantage, make sure you are well understood and comfortable.

It is our mission to bridge the cultural and law gaps for your business in both countries, using the knowledge we have to achieve the smoothest possibility to enter into the new market.

As your business partner, we are with you through the process; by business connections, negotiation processes with potential partners, and complicated contracts in cases of mergers, acquisitions, business collaboration, and joint ventures. Our German-Israel experts using their professional know-how abilities to provide the best solutions customized to your business needs in the fields of international taxation. Accounting, and Business Development.

We are here at your disposal, contact us.  

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