Business Process Outsourcing

Depending on the situation of each company, our services may be useful both temporarily and permanently over time.

Our services include supporting companies in their development, being responsible in full or in part for the accounting, calculation of taxes and preparation of declarations and other tax information, and the review and development of work procedures based on electronic systems or manual methods. Depending on the circumstances, we can also be responsible for the cash and bank or act as comptroller of the company, in particular for newly-created companies or those with limited administrative capacities.

In companies that are already established, with methods and systems in place, we also take part in reviewing the systems used with a view to the efficiency of the operations/administration, optimising the use of electronic tools for improving work methods, and improving the use, obtaining and availability of of the financial information and other operations affecting the actual financial information. Other possible services include risk evaluation (client credits, foreign currencies, certain insurance matters, etc.), analysis of projects (investments to be made, obtaining of financing, etc.), and the handling of supervision projects or the management thereof.

We help your business grow

At Auren, we design, implement and operate high-quality work processes in matters of accounting, taxes and finances, in order to help you emphasise the most strategic aspects of your business and subsequent decision-taking.

Our integrated personalised approach, which is aimed at the SME market, means our service is tailor-made for your needs. We have the appropriate staff, work processes, knowledge, technology and a structure that allows us to meet your needs, inside or outside your offices.

Advantages for your company

  • Cost optimisation.
  • Having resources as if they were the company’s own but without them being included on the payroll.
  • Reduction in contingencies from not having a staff structure.
  • Focus on the Core Business.
  • Specialised qualified staff.
  • Training of company staff.
  • Multidisciplinary team.
  • Knowledge base and experience.
  • Integrated response.

Within our Outsourcing services, we also have advice on:

  • New Business Start-Ups
  • Accounting and Administration
  • Staff Administration and Payroll
  • Economic and Financial Budget Control