Strategic Planning

We believe that it does not suffice to have a dream: in order to achieve it, a map must be drawn. This means not only planning the future of the organisation but also the way to achieve it.

Within an increasingly complex context, our mission is to understand the culture of the organisation and its vision, to comprehend its environment and to foresee different scenarios in order to propose achievable tailor-made solutions, committing ourselves to their outcome.

Strategic consultancy allows visions to be increased, scenarios to be assessed from different perspectives and the dangers, strengths and weaknesses to be analysed, along with opportunities and threats.

At Auren, we help our clients to design, formulate, implement, execute and evaluate the correct strategy. At Auren, we understand that many of the traditional models for the analysis and development of strategies, and the circumstances on which they were based, are now obsolete. The smooth development of Strategic Planning is no longer enough. Nowadays, it is necessary to design and implement a good market-based strategy that also considers basic internal competences and external factors of the industry. The key to developing a good strategy is NOT to have new planning processes or better designed plans.

  • The benefits of having a well-expressed stable purpose.
  • The importance of discovering, understanding, documenting and exploring new and creative ways of generating more value than other industry competitors.

We advise you on matters such as:

  • Development of Mission and Vision
  • Strategic Diagnosis
  • Design and Development of Processes
  • Design of Strategy
  • Management and Handling of Corporate Strategies
  • Leadership and Change Management