At Auren, we offer various services in administrative matters, including advice related to procedures with the various federal or local administrative authorities.

We are experts in:

  • Effective opposition to the decisions of various offices and entities of the Federal and Local Public Authorities.
  • Interpretation and fulfilment of public works contracts.
  • Advice on acquisitions and leases or services contracted with government offices.
  • Defence against the administrative liability of public officials and resolutions in matters of inspections and accountability.
  • Challenging administrative infringements and penalties.
  • Assistance with expropriations.
  • Monopoly practices.
  • Application of NOM Mexican Standards.

We also offer services in the real estate area, where our experts can advise you on acquisitions, sales, leases, the fulfilment of obligations related to urban development, the use of land, and the performance of ownership studies.