Insurance and Bonding

We offer specialised innovative high-quality quality insurance and bonding services, which are listed below:

Insurance broker

We currently hold a “C” certificate, which is the highest authorisation granted by the National Insurance and Bonding Commission for insurance brokerage. This allows us to participate in all areas of the insurance sector, such as:

  • Business insurance: fire, theft, civil liability, cash and valuables, transport, etc.
  • Personal insurance: life insurance, significant medical costs, personal accidents, educational, etc.
  • Individual policies: car insurance, home insurance. We currently have negotiations for heavy discounts with the main insurance companies of the Mexican insurance market for these types of policies.
  • Special policies: hulls of aircraft, vessels and pleasure craft.

Bond agent

In the Bonding Sector, we participate in the areas of:

  • Fidelity (individual and global).
  • Judicial (criminal and non-criminal).
  • Administrative (compliance, advances, good quality, leases, alimony).
  • Credit (PEMEX, non-agreements or payments arrangements with the SAT and IMSS Mexican authorities)

On being agents, most of our bonds are issued at our offices, allowing us to be highly competitive as regards response times. Moreover, since Auren is a multidisciplinary group, this allows us to provide integrated advice without generating additional costs for our service.

The services we provide are as follows:

  • Current insurance and bonding programmes.
  • Implementation of self-administered plans (Cash Flow).
  • Risk management.
  • Audits of current bonding programmes.