Society today is in a global process of digital transformation. At Auren, we are ready to support companies in this development from any perspective (strategy, implementing of solutions and follow-up, and management support).

The appropriate technological solutions are strategic to the development of any business activity. At Auren, we provide the solutions and services related to information technology needed by our clients. As a multidisciplinary company, we offer solutions that best suit each circumstance.

• We align new technologies with the strategy of the organization and manage to optimize the business with better access to information.

• We implement tools for the optimum management of resources and, in parallel, we protect information by minimising technological risks.

• We offer a multidisciplinary, coordinated and proactive vision.

• We help to manage the security of ICT systems.

We have multidisciplinary teams made up of highly qualified specialised professionals, with proven experience in information technology and management. We also have a work method which allows us to maximise our clients’ satisfaction and to reduce project execution times.