Transactions with risk capital funds

Characteristics and experience

At Auren Corporate, we have extensive experience of giving advice to RCFs, and we have a good knowledge of their needs in terms of support in negotiations, quality and technical rigour in the analysis, financial modelling, availability and speed of response, as well as support in the preparation of their internal committees.

Sale transactions

We know how to structure these type of processes, contact and invite the appropriate candidates, whether industrial or financial, prepare the materials and generate the necessary competitive tension, for the purpose of optimising the exit conditions of the fund. Furthermore, we help the members of the fund to draft the necessary documents for their internal committees.

Purchase transactions

We have vast experience in purchase mandates, either in direct investments of the fund or in the search of add-onsfor investee companies. We have the necessary tools to identify and access targets, which makes us a key element in these processes for members of the fund or for the managers of the investee companies, who, thanks to our presence, are able to reduce the time they spend on this, saving valuable time for the day-to-day managing of their companies.

Financing of transactions

Furthermore, our knowledge of financial transactions also allows us on occasions to advise on the structuring, negotiation and documentation of the financing of any corporate transactions the companies might carry out (purchases or recaps).