Debt restructuring

Characteristics of debt restructuring

We advise our clients in order to obtain a global solution for their bank indebtedness, in complex processes, with multiple financial institutions and initial positions which are, on occasions, heterogeneous.

Auren Corporate has successfully closed more than 50 debt structuring transactions, which makes us one of the main financial advisors for middle marketcompanies in Spain.

Debt refinancing or restructuring is a complex process the rules of which have been evolving in recent years. It is essential to have an expert financial advisor who knows how they evolve, what objectives can be achieved, someone who has a good knowledge of and access to the financial institutions, and who is recognised by them as a valid interlocutor.

The phases of these processes are as follows:

  • Analysis and diagnosis of the initial situation of the company and its indebtedness
  • Collaboration in the drawing up of the business / feasibility plan
  • Design of the refinancing proposal and presentation to the institutions
  • Negotiation with the financial institutions and their advisors
  • Closure of the transaction

IBRs (Independent Business Review)
Sometimes these are requested by companies.