Mergers and acquisitions

Types of transactions and process

We advise on sale transactions, purchase transactions and mergers between companies. We specialise in medium-sized companies (middle market), as from €10M revenue or Company Value, in both national and cross-border transactions.

Our contribution to the transactions is regardless of the activity sector in which they take place although, thanks to our extensive experience, we have closed corporate transactions in multiple sectors.

They typically take 6 to 12 months, and are complex processes, with multiple financial, legal, tax, labour and other implications, which need to be known and co-ordinated

Sale transactions

These transactions are very important for the sellers, who try to monetise the value created in their companies, sometimes over many years.

It is essential to be able to identify and contact the appropriate candidates (industrial and/or financial) and to be aware of the reasonable market terms for each company and sector.

Purchase transactions

Businesses are increasingly seeking to grow through acquisitions, either to enhance their offer of products or services, to access new geographical markets or to absorb a competitor.

It is fundamental to have the experience and means to know how to identify and access the target companies. Our involvement provides an image of reliability to the process and peace of mind to the seller.

The phases of these processes are as follows: