Financial transactions

Sometimes, companies need to deal with large projects or strategies the financial implications of which require the obtaining of specific funding or which are of such a scale that it is necessary to review how the company is funded as a whole. For this purpose, it is necessary to forecast the financial needs and to decide on the instruments and amounts to be used in such funding.

The funding may consist of own or external resources, public or private.

Specifically, external funding has been significantly developed in recent years, with the emergence of a variety of instruments or alternative operators to financial institutions, the requisites and dynamics of which need to be known in order to access to them.

At Auren Corporate, we advise our clients on the design of the best funding structure as well as on the research, negotiation and obtaining of such funding through:

  • Capital increases
  • Equity loans
  • Mezzanine debt
  • Bank debt
  • Project finance

We have extensive experience and knowledge of:

  • Risk capital funds
  • Family officesand private investors
  • Public entities
  • Debt funds
  • Financial institutions