Strategy, Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Strategic and marketing plans are no longer temporary and have become a living tool that constantly adapts itself to an increasingly changing environment. Auren designs strategic growth and expansion policies, in which strategic alliances play an important role in the development of franchises and other territorial expansion models.

Auren offers consultancy for organizations strategic planning, for to increase success chances  of business projects. With our approach close to the client, addressing particular needs of each project, we start from a preliminary diagnosis that helps to identify objectives and priority actions in order to improve  management results: strategic plans, business plans and digital transformation plans.


Design, implementation and follow-up of strategies, both for public and private entities, as well as territorial development strategies. Based on a preliminary study, we identify the 3- or 5-year strategic priorities, to serve as guidelines for the actions to be deployed by such organizations.

Innovation and Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is the integration of new technology into all areas of companies in order to optimize processes, improving their competitiveness and providing added value to their clients. After a diagnosis of innovation degree or technology maturity of the organisation, Auren proposes the establishment of improvement actions for innovation and digital transformation.


At Auren, we offer advice and training for entrepreneurs who want to launch their business projects, as well as for newly-created companies. Following the Lean Startup method, and based on a personalized diagnosis, improvement actions are established in the business or corporate plan, for the ultimate purpose of reducing risks related to entrepreneurship and increase opportunities


Auren provides consultancy and advice services for companies which want to know and develop their internalization potential. We support the company in the development of the roadmap necessary for defining the exportable offer, market selection criteria, penetration strategy, as well as advertising and communication activities to be developed in the target markets.

Client experience

“Client Experience” means the experience a person has when they interact with a company, before becoming its client, during and after their commercial relationship. At Auren, we analyze the relationship model with the clients, identifying all the points of contact that arise, as well as the perception of the client at each of them, for the purpose of improving those with the greatest impact on client experience.

R+D+i funding

We offer consultancy services to help to finance, directly or indirectly, the R+D+i projects of the company. Direct funding through the injection of financial resources in order to develop the projects. Indirect funding through optimizing potential tax deductions for projects that have already started or concluded.