Internal audits

Independent objective assurance and consultation activity, conceived to add value and improve the operations of an organisation.

The internal audit is a catalyst for improving the governance of the organisation and the management and administration of risks, providing a vision and recommendations based on the analysis and evaluation of the data and business processes. With a commitment to integrity and accountability, the internal audit provides value to the governing bodies and higher administration as an objective source of independent advice.

The scope of the internal audit within an organisation is broad and may include matters such as the governance of the organisation, management of risks and management control over: the efficiency/efficacy of the operations (including the protection of assets), the reliability of the financial and management information, and compliance with laws and regulations.


The internal audit is mainly aimed at the evaluation of internal control, designed to provide reasonable security as regards achieving the basic objectives towards which all companies strive, including: 

  • Efficacy and efficiency of the operations.
  • Reliability of the financial and management information.
  • Compliance with the laws and regulations.
  • Safeguarding of assets.