Administrative accounting processes

At Auren, we are aware that the financial information of a company must be one of the fundamental bases in the decision-taking of management. Therefore, we have developed a process guaranteeing that the accounting information of the company is prepared appropriately, based on high quality standards. Our clients thus have full monthly reports clearly showing through graphs the financial progress of their sus companies.

The following are some of the aspects that make our work stand out:

  • Internal quality control group: We have a group devoted to the internal control of the work performed by our accountants. This guarantees an additional filter for the information presented to our clients.
  • Standardised procedures and formats: The experience gained over many years in the accounting process has allowed us to determine the best accounting practices, which must be followed by each of the members of our team in order to guarantee the quality of the work performed.
  • Monthly reports and statements: Although it is true that we have developed a standard reporting template clear showing the financial situation of the companies through graphs, these reports are adapted to the needs of each of our clients.
  • Payroll: One of the most complex processes with greatest risk exposure for a company is related to the selection, hiring, administration and removal of the staff working for the company. At Auren, we have an integrated payroll management system. This system contains information on the employees, controls the number of hours worked, and contains the history of the employee in the company from the time they were hired. The management system commences from the hiring process, and includes the following activities:
  • Monthly salary payment.
  • Calculation and payment of welfare benefits.
  • Deposits in and withdrawals from the general social security system.
  • Monthly preparation of social security sheets.
  • Voluntary Contribution and Mortgage Savings Account sheets.
  • Employment contract settlements.
  • Monthly calculation of withholdings at source.
  • Six-monthly recalculation of withholdings at source.
  • Issuance of monthly payslips.
  • Consolidated reports on social benefits.
  • Meeting the requirements of control bodies such as the CCF, ICBF and UGPP.
  • Issuance of certificated of deposits and withholdings and employment certificates.