Entry into the country

Auren offers a service for incorporating companies in Colombia. The objective of our service consists of the evaluation and detailed understanding of the business model of the foreign company for choosing the type of company to be incorporated as appropriate. Once the type of company has been agreed, we will be in a position to prepare and process all the documentation needed to register the company and sus investors (if they are foreign) with the corresponding entities in Colombia.

At Auren, we help you take the correct decision for setting up in Colombia, whether through an agency, distribution or purchase, until the opening of your own subsidiary, maintaining at all times control over the management of the activity in the country.

Our extensive network of professionals around the world will provide you with everything you need from an operational, legal, tax or financial perspective.

Services we offer depending on your specific needs

  • Implementation abroad: legal establishment and management control.
  • Management control for the set of international subsidiaries.
  • Reporting and management systems in the parent company: transformation of the commercial accounting into management accounting.
  • Business plan for the project and financial plan for the subsidiary.
  • Periodical reporting for the subsidiary.

Other support services in the process for implementation abroad:

  • Study of the certifications and regulations affecting the product or service; customs tariffs.
  • Hiring of staff in the target country. Expatriation and obtaining of visas.
  • Searching for agents and distributors.