Document management

Auren advises you on optimising the management processes of your documentation, offering an outsourcing service for your document collections (preservation and management), which will allow you to improve efficacy and productivity, as well as security and confidentiality, and to significantly reduce your preservation and handling costs.

We are sure that companies need firms of experts providing their clients with quality services which will be reflected in efficiency, team work and trust, providing added value to their services.

Our administrative and technical activities are based on the planning, handling and organisation of the documentation produced and received by the entities, from their source until their final recipient, in order to facilitate their use and preservation. This service is complemented by the use of virtual and non-physical documents through the use of our software, which enables the following:

Compliance with Resolution 8934 of 2014 of the Department of Trade and Commerce.
Full digitalisation of documents.
Classification of documents and personalisation of indexes.
Consultation of documents on a network environment.
Control of the lending of physical documents.
Document retention tables and file transfer.
Document workflow.
Control over the monitoring of activities, those responsible and times.
Consultation of digital documents via Web-multiuser.
100 % WEB architecture.
Unified database storage.
User access profiles and operation permissions.
Notification and integration with email.


ORGANISATION OF COMPANY RECORDS: Service we offer to our Clients when they need their records to be organised, for which we have expert librarians-archivists who visit your facilities, exchange impressions with the person you appoint and, following the criterion of the organisational chart of your company, make a preliminary study of the records, and establish a way to organise the documentation (departments, sections, references, years, series, sub-series, etc.).

INVENTORY: System making it impossible to obtain information such as to which client it belongs, or its content, thus ensuring the utmost confidentiality of the information deposited, apart from providing maximum control over the movement of documents.

STORAGE AND SAFEKEEPING: Our centre has metallic shelves of the highest quality, supplied by a specialised company, and are coated with electrostatic paint to avoid rust. The material is highly resistant in order to support the necessary weight, and they are perfectly designed for holding box files. In the storage area, there is no 120-watt electricity connection outside office hours, only natural lighting. In addition, is is separate and independent from the administrative part, and access is only allowed by authorised personnel. Our centre has personalised 24-hour surveillance, and an alarm system monitored by telephone and by radio, which controls: physical presence, smoke detection, opening of doors and/or windows, access via the roof, remote-control infrared cameras, etc.  At the same time, it is connected to the respective authorities (Police, Fire Department).

CONSULTANCY SERVICE: Through our specialised software, our clients can easily access their files immediately, to make requests, consultations, and obtain information on the movement of their documents.

LOGISTICS: We have various means of specialised transport for sending or collecting documentation, guaranteeing security, confidentiality and immediacy in the transfer of documents.