Mergers and acquisitions

When the corporate strategy is focused on reinforcing the inorganic development of the company, i.e. increasing the participation in the current market or entering business lines not yet developed by the company, among others, the shareholders think of M&A. this is usually a decision of an economic or market-related nature, potentially seeking the following, among other aspects:


  • Increase in production capacity.
  • Reduction in schemes (administrative, production-related or commercial), which means a reduction in costs or expenses due to the synergies implemented.
  • Indirect recruiting of talent.
  • Reinforcement of know-how knowledge.
  • Tax incentives due to tax losses or tax credits not used.


  • Increase in production capacity.
  • Obtaining lists or contracts with clients.
  • Reduction in the competition.
  • Strengthening of the brand. Entry into new business lines, new cities or countries.