BPO – Business process outsourcing

The management of information and development of current businesses require highly specialised professionals in each area. Consequently, Auren has taken care to form teams of specialists in administration, human resources and accounting; the sole purpose of these tasks is to efficiently and effectively support the Core of the business of our clients, in such a way that they see in us a partner committed to the growth and sustainability of their companies. Some of the services offered within this area are:

Commercial and/or tax domicile: This service is offered to those companies that have no physical administrative headquarters but need a place to receive commercial correspondence, which also serves as a place for notifications from oversight and control bodies.

Invoicing and portfolio: In this process, Auren is responsible for issuing the invoices of our clients. In addition, through computer systems, we support the control of the portfolio and finally, if thus required, we manage the corresponding collection.

Cash and bank: Through the cash administration process, Auren manages all payments required and authorised by our clients through the banking platform established for this purpose. This process includes the weekly settlement of existing accounts payable so they are authorised for payment, the periodical issuance of accounts payable reports, the preparation of supplier folders containing all the legal documentation required and control of the legalization of advances and petty cash.

Power of Attorney: Through powers of attorney, our clients empower Auren, either on an ongoing basis or for specific cases, to represent them before entities such as: the Chamber of Commerce, DIAN, Tax Offices, National Bank, notaries, entities related to the social security, etc.