Government contracting

Offering products and services to the Colombian government provides companies with a massive opportunity to do business. However, historically, a limited number of company have made use of the opportunity. At Auren we provide full support for companies in the contracting process, from enabling company to contract with the government to support in processes such as tenders, invitations to listings, award procedures based on lowest amounts, etc. This support comprises processes such as:

  • Enabling the company to contract with the government: In this process, the company will be advised in order to meet the basic contractual and financial requisites in the contracting process.
  • Entry in the RUP: The Register of Tendering Parties (Registro Único de Proponentes) (RUP) is an essential requisite for any company seeking a government contract. At Auren, we support companies in the registration process with the Chamber of Commerce, so that the process is carried out in the best and fastest way possible.
  • Information on tenders: The Auren information system allows it to continually inform our clients on tender or similar processes that are in progress and that might be of interest.
  • Support in contracting processes: The team of professionals at Auren allows our clients to participate in government contracting processes, supported by people with vast experience in these activities, which will substantially increase their chances of being awarded the contract.