Payroll administration process

The payroll administration process at Auren is focused on providing reliable solutions for the handling, processing and safe delivery of the information arising from it. The outsourcing and payroll administration process is divided into 4 sub-processes, namely:   

1. ADMINISTRATIVE PROCESS: In this process, the document part of the staff hiring process is carried out, which includes: request for documents for contracting, preparation of the contract, registration with the Social Security and a record file per employee. 

1.1 DELIVERABLES: The deliverables of this process correspond to the complete folder of the employee with whom the employment relationship is formalised. 

2. SOCIAL SECURITY AND SALARY PAYMENT: This stage of the process includes any new aspects, salary payment, payment of social security contributions and delivery of the salaries approved for payment. 

2.1 DELIVERABLES: The payroll deliverables correspond to the social security sheets paid and ready for payment, payment receipts, withholdings at source and Voluntary Contribution sheets and Mortgage Savings Account for payment. 

3. CLIENT AND STAFF VISIT: In this process, Auren has a person to visit the client in order to clarify, employee by employee, any concerns arising in respect of their payments. 

4. TERMINATION OF EMPLOYMENT RELATIONSHIP: In this process, Auren, once it has received a request for the termination of the employment relationship, prepares the settlement of the employment contract. 

4.1 DELIVERABLES: The deliverables of the employment termination process area: employment certificate, letter of dismissal and last 3 social security proofs of payment.   

This is generally carried out in 4 stages: Hiring Process, Payment of Salary, Full Social Security Payment and delivery of the accounts closure in accordance with the requirements of the client. As added value, Auren offers the client the delivery, subsequent to the closure, of a comparative statistical control report in respect of the payroll and personnel.   

The differentiating factor in our outsourcing process consists of our proximity not only to the client but also to its employees, who are a fundamental part of the administration of the salaries, as they directly receive the results of our labour. This is why we offer to support the parties, to ensure transparency in the monthly process, resolve any payment doubts, or make calculations and forecasts of their salaries in special cases.