Valuation consultancy service

We provide our products within Professional Valuation services certified through registration with the Open Register of Valuators (Registro Abierto de Avaluadores) (RAA) in fulfilment of the new Valuators law:

  1. Valuation of Assets and Liabilities, and Fair Value Estimate Audits according to the IFRS.
  2. Measurement of Lost Profit, Consequential Damage and Opportunity Cost for legal purposes.
  3. Pricing studies and analysis of financial models of real estate and general businesses.
  4. Calculation of impairment to the value of assets.
  5. Valuation of companies, operational assets and commercial establishments.
  6. Commercial valuation of Properties, Machinery and Equipment, Assets and special Intangibles.

Our International Professional Practice

  1. We use the professional practice 2017 International Valuation Standard (IVS) and the sector Technical Regulations issued by the sector unit on standardisation in valuation activities and the valuation service USN AVSA.
  2. For our Reports, we take as a reference IVS 103 and sector Technical Regulation 1, issued by Icontec and USN AVSA.
  3. Our calculation records are delivered to the client.

Valuation Methods and Approaches

We assess the structure and quality of the basic information for calculating the value and establish the most suitable approach for valuation purposes.

We use three main approaches:     

a. Market-Based Approach,

b. Cost-Based Approach, and

c. Income-Based Approach

in accordance with the approach established for valuation purposes, we establish the method or methods to be used in order to determine our valuation.

Professional competences

  • Skills of the Valuator, experience and certified professional practice.
  • Technical investigation and analysis for determining the value.
  • Registration as professional valuators in the RAA