Tax returns and advice

The accuracy and timeliness of tax declarations is essential in the fulfilment of formal obligations with the State. Auren provides you with a team of experts with vast experience, which prepares the tax declarations of your company, such as: 

  • Income tax declaration: For full or partial tax years, in the event the company is in a process of liquidation.
  • VAT: Settled every two or four months, pursuant to the provisions of Act 1819 of 2016.
  • Withholdings at source
  • Trade and Industry Tax: In two-month or yearly periods, depending on the tax jurisdiction where it is filed.
  • Withholding or self-withholding of the Trade and Industry Tax: Settled every month, every two months or yearly, depending on the tax jurisdiction.
  • Declaration of assets abroad: Annual report on assets abroad pursuant to the provisions of Act 1739 of 2014.