About Auren

Auren is the alternative to the large consultancy firms. We are the right consultancy firm for anyone looking for the same services, but in a different form of collaboration – in a long-term partnership with a mature partner structure.

Jointly developed knowledge does not flow out of our firm as is often the case with the large firms, because the consultant leaves the firm. The partner responsible for you will still be there for you for the next ten years and longer. In order to be able to give good advice to a business the consultant has to know in which environment the business operates, which family or other circumstances exist, and to understand the business in its entirety. And that requires time.

Auren is a medium-sized company. We are cut from the same cloth as the businesses in which we specialise. We build close links and a relationship with our clients. Because we want to get to know our counterpart well, we obtain a better understanding and thereby achieve good, even exceptional, results. And this both with regard to the standard services as well as in more complex and special mandates, in the national and international environment.

We have a presence throughout Germany with our many offices and are therefore near you. We also work closely with our international partners. We are there wherever you need us.